Sivananda Yoga Centres are in cities around the world and they invite anyone seeking to start practicing yoga to a trial class, an Open House or a beginners' course where questions can be answered and proper guidance can be given. To find a centre near you use the "quick links to our locations" on the right side of this page. As well, there are many affilated Sivananda Yoga Centres. For more information on what we teach, see the 5 Points of Yoga.


A Yoga Vacation or yoga retreat is an ideal opportunity to experience the holistic effects of yoga on the body, mind and soul in just a short period of time. Each of the Sivananda Ashrams is a haven for you to enjoy all the benefits that traditional yoga practice has to offer in a peaceful, non-judgemental and friendly environment.


After the first few classes you can continue practising yoga at home. This is easy to do with the Yoga@Home CD, which guides you through an entire class. You'll find further advice and support in numerous Sivananda Yoga books.

Visit our online shop for an expanded array of educational books written by Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda and many other spiritual masters as well as inspirational, health and wellness authors.

Join us and get your yoga practice off to a great start soon!